Susan would like to mention her following thoughts with regards to the OBN presentation:

“Our technology is based on the previously unknown neurochemical (T14), that is doubled in the Alzheimer brain. We are developing a pre-symptomatic screen where T14 could be detected as a biomarker of ongoing cell loss, in a lateral flow format. T14 is blocked by our proprietorial drug, NBP14, that has been formally accredited by the MHRA as truly innovative. NBP14 restores memory in Alzheimer mouse models, actually prevents production of amyloid, and displaces the toxic T14 in post mortem Alzheimer human brain. Our mission is to commercialize the T14-NBP14 discovery to provide the first ever truly effective early-stage diagnostic and a drug treatment for Alzheimer’s and related neurodegenerative disorders, thereby significantly improving patient care and reducing costs.”




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