Neuro-Bio is delighted to continue its cooperation with Professor Zoltan Molnar’s laboratory and to announce that Sara Bandiera will be characterising T14 in the developing brain during a fix-term collaboration.

Sara originally come from Italy, where she studied for both her undergrad degree in Biotechnology (University of Padua) and a Master in Neuroscience (University of Trieste, in collaboration with the International School for Advanced Study, SISSA). During this time, she had been exposed to several different approaches to neurobiology, allowing her to explore the field in a highly dynamic manner. She moved to the UK in 2017, as a Visiting Student at the University of Cambridge (Department of Clinical Neuroscience). Here, she joined the Pluchino Lab for my MSc thesis project working on nanotechnology and stem cell therapy as a combinatorial approach to treating spinal cord injury. After graduating with Distinction (2018), she worked as a Research Assistant at Imperial College London (Division of Brain Sciences), where she had the opportunity of collaborating with the Multiple Sclerosis UK Tissue Bank for her project on cellular senescence in progressive MS. She finally moved to Oxford in 2019 to start her DPhil in Professor Zoltan Molnar’s Group at DPAG, where she is studying the early events occurring during mammalian cortical development. She is particularly interested in how area-specific thalamic innervation influences the earliest stages of neurogenesis and circuit formation in the human fetal cerebral cortex.

Neuro-Bio is extremely excited and looking forward to see what Sara will achieve during the next 3 months.