Neuro-Bio is delighted to announce that Clota Varde will be supporting its Series C £10 M fundraise.

Neuro-Bio and Clota Varde team met in December 2022 and have now officially started their collaboration. This is what the Clota Varde team said after visiting Neuro-Bio’s headquarter and meeting the team:

“I found it extremely beneficial to meet the people working on the project and see their day-to-day operations. In our line of work, it’s easy to focus solely on the transaction at hand. However, getting a deeper understanding of the technology and research behind the financial model adds an extra layer of dedication for the project.” Magnus

“The visit allowed the Clota team to meet the scientists who work day-to-day on this discovery and speaking to them directly allowed us all to build our initial knowledge in a very technical field. Thank you very much for hosting!” Igli

“The site visit was a wonderful opportunity to meet the Neuro-Bio team.  I found the presentations fascinating.  Susan Greenfield is an engaging presenter who makes a difficult subject very easy to understand. It was also great to meet the scientists and get a chance to see “behind the scenes”.  Once again, many thanks.” Deborah

“It’s very exciting to be working on the fundraise of a company that has a true social impact. It was refreshing to hear the backgrounds and experiences of the CEO, as well as the wider Neuro-Bio team, and how close the team is to an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease many years in advance of the first symptoms. The additional opportunity to provide diagnostic kits for detecting elevated T-14 levels, suggests a game-changing outcome for our society.” Alexandra

Neuro-Bio would like to thank everyone at Clota Varde for sharing the above feedbacks and for supporting us in such a crucial stage.