As 2022 draws to a close, it seems a good moment to share with you the progress made over the last 12 months. In the Spring (April 5th) and in the Autumn (Sept 27th) we were delighted to host two events for all those external individuals and organisations who have been working with us. On both occasions it’s been a real pleasure for the in-house Neuro-Bio team to engage directly with our shareholders, scientific collaborators and long-term supporters. The first event was a lunch at the House Of Lords to celebrate the publication of our paper “A novel process driving Alzheimer’s disease validated in a mouse model: Therapeutic potential” which was a real milestone for the company, in that it demonstrated the efficacy of our novel prototype drug NBP14 in having a significant effect on the memory of Alzheimer’s model mice. Despite the continuing impact of covid-19 we had a full capacity attendance of some 80 supporters. The second occasion, this time held at the company HQ in Culham, was somewhat different in that this time we had an afternoon science session (still available to access with the link and the link) followed by a Gala dinner at St. Hilda’s college where some of our established shareholders rounded off the evening with truly inspirational speeches. It was a bittersweet moment, in that we said farewell to our outgoing chairman Mr Nick Stephens but were able to introduce his successor Dr. Mike Zurawski to the wider NB family. Mike has extensive experience in the investment sector which will prove invaluable in our current Series C funding round. As well as a new Chairman we have been pleased to welcome two new post-doctoral scientists, Dr Anna Ashton and Dr Kashif Mahfooz who have already been making their mark in progressing our basic understanding of the process underlying Alzheimer’s degeneration. Also new to the team have been this year’s intake of industrial placements from Exeter (Tom Seymour), Aberdeen (Joanna Komorowska)  and Glasgow (Sanskar Ranglani) Universities: these three have been carrying on our very successful program of enabling interns still studying for their first degree to benefit from a real research laboratory experience. Thanks to Sara Garcia-Rates this initiative is now more subscribed than ever with far more promising young scientists applying than sadly we can find space for. Perhaps not surprisingly, given the talent that we now have in our labs, this year has witnessed the best ever number of publications. As you will see from link we have published four papers this year, all of them in high impact, peer-reviewed journals. It seems that at last our novel approach to understanding Alzheimer’s is gaining wider endorsement. In addition to sharing our work with the scientific community and UK based supporters, this year I have also been able to meet up with our Australian Shareholders in person during two trips to Melbourne and Sydney, in June and then October. As always it was a great opportunity to update those Down-Under who have been behind the Company, in some instances since its inception. So, looking back, 2022 could be summarised as a watershed time for our science when it has been truly maturing and gaining impact: however please do not get the impression that the hard work is now finished, since I am sure 2023 will enable us to make even more progress. Moreover, next year will be our 10th Birthday and therefore once again a chance to celebrate! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who follow our journey for your continued support in whatever way it is expressed and wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!