Neuro-Bio is delighted to announce a new collaboration with Dr Nadine Kabbani at George Mason University in Virginia.

This is what she said about the project: “My group is interested in how calcium signalling by the alpha 7 type nicotinic receptor influences synaptic development in the brain. We have recently shown a novel method for non-classical “metabotropic” receptor signalling in guiding cytoskeletal development in neurons. In this collaboration, we will test the involvement of T14/alpha 7 binding on hippocampal synaptic development. Using calcium imaging, cytoskeletal measures, and whole cell proteomics we hope to define the specific role of  T14 in alpha 7 nicotinic receptor mediated neuronal growth.”

Dr Kabbani’s lab are also sharing some of their techniques and materials with Neuro-Bio, to help cultivate over-expressing and mutated cell-lines to test Neuro-bio’s peptides on. Neuro-Bio looks forward to seeing some exciting results.

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