Following our last post back in April, when we all went into lockdown, the Neuro-Bio team is very excited to be returning to the Culham offices and laboratories. The admin staff have been busy making sure our work areas comply with the covid-19 government guidelines, ready for our full return on Monday 14th September. We’re very lucky to have a lot of space, so are able to safely socially distance everyone’s desks and also carry out our normal research in the labs.

While we are a smaller group than six months ago, the remaining team covers our basic administration and science requirements and we have two interns joining us in October, from Nottingham Trent university, as well as an MRC sponsored graduate student in a collaboration with Sheffield University.

As for so many, when lockdown was announced, our future was uncertain. However, we are extremely grateful for the help of the government in the shape of the furlough scheme and also for additional investment opportunity of the future fund. These two initiatives have made a real difference to our prospects.

Additionally, three outsourced projects outside of the UK have been able to stay on track and are proving very positive. The future of the company is looking really bright and we can’t wait to be fully operational again!

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