Supporting Neuro-Bio

Ways in which you as an individual or your organisation may wish to join in the Neuro-Bio journey:

1 – Research Partnerships

  • We welcome the opportunity for discussing possible collaborative projects involving our proprietary compounds and techniques beyond our own expertise and facilities.
  • 2 – Sponsorship

  • Your organisation may wish to sponsor some aspect of our activities ranging from funding an intern, covering conference expenses or event support.
  • 3 – Private Donations

  • Perhaps you feel that you would personally like to contribute to our mission for developing a much needed effective treatment for neurodegeneration, or would like to commemorate a loved one who has suffered from a neurodegenerative disorder. We would be open to discussing ways in which your gift to Neuro-Bio research could be celebrated and acknowledged.
  • In each case we would be delighted to hear from you ( We have a small commercial team who will deal with your enquiry in confidence to create appropriate connections within the company. We aim to develop meaningful relationships with our collaborators in a timely fashion to maximise the value to all.