Neuro-Bio receives a donation to support research

Neuro-Bio has recently received a kind gift of £780 from Josie Duffy who is a social worker and who received support from colleagues, friends and family. Josie has been busy raising money from raffles, tombola and lunches. This is to support the company’s research efforts into a new therapy for Alzheimer’s disease. The gift will be put towards on-going work by the Neuro-Bio team looking to develop a new blood test for detecting Alzheimer’s disease in patients several years before the normal signs of memory loss become obvious. If patients can be detected earlier, then new treatment options, such as those also being developed by Neuro-Bio, can be given to the patients. Neuro-Bio’s CEO, Baroness Susan Greenfield, commented “From the whole team we would like to say a huge thank you to Josie for her support. We are delighted to receive this kind donation and extremely grateful to Josie for all her fundraising efforts that will go towards finding a new therapy for Alzheimer’s. This act of simple human kindness makes our work worthwhile and motivates us even more to find a new therapy for this debilitating disease.”